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Flebored Hypertension pills
Flebored Hypertension pills
Flebored Hypertension pills
Flebored Hypertension pills
Flebored Hypertension pills
Flebored Hypertension pills
Product NameFlebored
Scope of useFor high blood pressure
Main Active IngredientLycopene
Release formTablets
Product number2130–663–2431
AvailabilityProduct in stock
32900 $-50% 65800 $
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Indications for the use

Flebored acts gently on the cardiovascular system, prevents blood pressure spikes, and eliminates symptoms of the disease.

Form of production

Tablets for oral administration. One carton pack contains 60 tablets

Storage conditions

Store in a ventilated place without sudden temperature changes.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the product is indicated on the back of the packaging

Release condition

Flebored is available without a prescription.

Units per pack

60 tablets

Directions for use

  1. Take 1 Flebored tablet 3 times a day
  2. Drink a glass of warm drinking water.
  3. Observe the dosage - do not increase or skip taking the product
  4. Take at least 5 weeks

Composition of Flebored

  • IngredientLycopene
  • IngredientCoconut pulp extract
  • IngredientArjuna Extracts
  • IngredientMoringa oil extracts

Side Effects

Disorders of the esophagus, bloating.

Contraindications for use

Period of pregnancy and lactation in women.

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